HIDE AND SEEK for Solstice Magazine.
I have always loved the game of hide and seek. You close your eyes as a kid and you truly believe no one can see you. You hide behind a curtain and you have no doubt that this is the best place to be unseen. But what if we play the game as an adult. Do we really not want to be seen, or do we hide differently. Do we hide in hopes to be seen more. I shot this editorial in LA with an amazing group of people. 

Art Director and Photographer Margret Seema Takyar. Stylist Johanna Cranitch. Make Up Val Harvey or MOHAWK Val as I like to call her. Hair Stylist Mari Bowring. And the muse from WRENN Management Marina Jamieson, that embraced every hidden corner like the goddess she is. 

Designs from Calvin Klein. Badlands Vintage LA. Alice McCall. Miss Crofton. ASOS. Pan& The Dream. Free People. Vanity Fair. & Other Stories. Keepsake The Label. H&M.