Some people love it. Some people hate it. I have heard it all as a half Indian creature myself. The beauty of it. The madness of it. The roads. The architecture. The filth. The class system. The jewels. The namastes. The sun salutes. The beggars. The Mafia. The politician. The rich. The slums. The gender inequality. The Bollywood. The karma of life. How to be a millionaire. The incredible food. The delhi belly. The colors. The clothes. The injustice. The hospitality. The educated. The street kids. The value of family. The arraigned marriages. The girls unwanted. The girls loved. The made in India. 

Some of the most beautiful people I have seen, I saw in India. Some of the most kind people I met, I met in India. But some of the saddest and hardest moments I have experienced, I experienced in India. 
It will never be what you expect.