I wanted a pool. It was my first shoot in LA, and in my head it had to be a pool or a Motel. But then you have to listen to an impulse, and follow it, always willing to be wrong to make it right and so we did and the greens around the locations became the leading lady of this shoot.

Art Director and Photographer Margrét Seema Takyar. Stylist Johanna Cranitch. Make up Mackenzie Gregg. Hair Stylist Candice Kelly. Models Taylor Hammond and Rilee Ringold from Maverick Agency in LA.

Designs: Chanel. YSL. Pucci. Georgio Armani. American Apparel. H&M. ZARA. Jet Rag. Tokin. Cazal. Mania Mania. Moschino. Ferragamo. Leonard Paris. Top Shop. Badlands. Hermes.