Sometimes the beauty of doing a shoot is that you can make a 10 year old happy. A few Christmas's ago, the daughter of one of my best friends, Mía and I were discussing life. Sometimes discussing life with a 10 year old reminds you of those hidden gems, those secrets only the little version of you knows and will ever know. Like the time I watched and recorded Press Gang in the 90´s religiously and was madly in love with Spike. Spike, who in real life is known as Dexter Fletcher.  Mia, just like me had her idols and daydreams. She told me about similar idols, some in sports, some in music, and some on youtube. Youtube is still somewhat of a mystery to me. Mia for the record is also way cooler than I ever was at her age. After trying to assess if I could win points with her if I told her that a great friend of a friend is Mamrie Hart a youtube sensation (and just a wonderful human being and actor and friend) I decided to go for it and tell her. Her eyes started to beam and I saw myself in her, as if someone had just told me Dexter Fletcher is in the next room waiting for me. I completely knew what she was feeling and wondered how I could make my own Dexter Fletcher fairytale come true for her. A few months went by and I found myself in LA, the city of Angels, where Mamrie lives, and on an impulse I called her and told her about Mía, and that I would love to do a shoot with her and the only thing in return is a personal message from her to Mía. Mamrie being the super hero she is said yes and in a heartbeat Mamrie and I created a shoot and a video message to Mia. I have rarely seen a 10 year old happier as when she got the message. That was the day I kinda thought to myself, who the fuck needs fame and fortune- I have totally made it and for all the right reasons.

ps. would love to show you the video message but that is Mia´s private secret and not mine to show.