Pick your favorite flavor, let it melt, then lick it off your finger. When my stylist (the incredibly talented Johanna Cranitch) and I sat down to talk about my idea, we just saw colors everywhere, it had to be colors. It had to be a POPSICLE all the way, making you hungry to bite into each shot and devour like you would with a popsicle on a hot sizzling LA day.

Art Director and Photographer Margrét Seema Takyar. Stylist Johanna Cranitch. Make up Mackenzie Gregg. Hair Stylist Candice Kelly. Model Christalynn Valentova from Maverick Agency in LA.

Designs: Spanish Moss Vintage. Recollection Vintage. IVY Park. Rodebjer. Top Shop. COS. SQUAREVILLE. Reebok. ZARA.