Tribute to Mick and Jerry. Never alone, constantly watched- They are immune to the paparazzis. They look beat, beautiful, sweaty and are cool without an effort. This is their DNA now. We follow them. Sometimes they mind sometime they don't. The camera is not their enemy. The photographer like a friend, who captures their public moments and their private personas.

Art Director and Photographer Margrét Seema Takyar. Stylists Jóna Ottesen and Salvör Thorlacious. Model Anna Líf Ólafsdóttir with _dottirmanagement and Jón Mendez with Eskimo Casting. Makeup&Hair Ástrós Erla Benediktsdóttir. Assistant Hrefna Hagalín. Casting Alexandra Kristjánsdóttir with _dottirmanagement

Designs from JÖR