Working one slow monday evening in 2010 on the Lower East Side in New York, I was staring out the window when 6 men - who looked at first glance as if they'd just walked out of the Matrix trilogy - walked past. Their enigmatic look captured me immediately. 'Someone must be shooting a film', I thought. I threw my wine key to my boss, said 'I'll be back in 5' and ran out after them. I lost them, they were gone. I stood for a good two minutes on the street, when I noticed a few people in front of me pointing and whispering. I turned around, and there they were. That is how I met the 6 Angulo Brothers: Jagadisa, age 12, Krsna, age 13, Mukunda, age 16, the twins Govinda and Naryana, age 18 and the oldest Bhagavan who was age 19.

These incredibly kind brothers taught me more about compassion, empathy, family and love than any kids at their age had done before. I feel honored to have had a chance to meet and capture these 6 brothers and to share their images and story with the world.

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