I like seeing what people wear. What makes them at ease. What makes them shy or maybe awkward. I like confusing things. What items they should wear. What character trait I want magnified. What kind of story I wanna tell. Today. Are they in heat? Does the outfit imply so? Are they about to kill someone? Will that outfit give it away. Give the victim a chance to run. Are they nurturing someone. I put them in a foreign location and say. "Play".  I know some of the answers. Not that it goes by plan ever. Good. Why do it if you know how it will turn out? I wonder what outfit will fit. The stylist wonders too. What lipstick to choose. The make up artist wonders too. What lenses to use. What music to play. What light to set up. The model is ready. Everything is ready. Nothing is ready. We're doing it anyway. Thank god for fashion (editorials). 

6 new editorials shot, art directed and produced in Iceland by yours truly coming soon...

Here are my wonderful collaborators and talents that I worked with-

Designers and Wardrobe: Another Creation (Ýr Þrastardóttir). Helicopter. JÖR. Float. Eygló. Twin Within. ZARA. Gyllti kötturinn. Spútnik. Topshop.

Models: Sunna Margrét. Anna Rakel Glad. Urður Bergsteins. Alexandra Kristjáns. Jón Albert. Anna Ólafs. Eyjólfur Júlíus. Hekla Nína. Najmo Cool. Tara Líf. Kristín Lilja.

Stylists: Anna Clausen. Júlía Tómas. Jóna Ottesen. Salvör Thorlacious.

Hair and MuARTISTS: Ástrós Erla Benediktsdóttir. Ásta Haraldsdóttir