Rickie Corbett

His Turf is on my block and he usually sits outside Popeyes in his wheelchair where he asks for change or anything you can spare. We always talk a little every time I see him. Once we bonded over Midnight, a little puppy he was dogsitting.

A month ago- jumping out of my cab- he randomly was right in front of my building on his way home and he looked like a movie star.

Me: Rickie- you look so handsome

Rickie: I went to church today. I gotta look good in church. Last time I was in church...

Popeyes Rickie became Rickie Corbett. One out of 14 siblings. Single father to a son at 15 years old. A Park Slope native and someone that almost broke a mans neck last time he went to church.... (for a really good reason I might add) We talked for 30 minutes and for the first time in years he let me take his photo.

His mum who passed away exactly a year ago, September 8th 2013. Rickie mentions this date to me a lot. So here is to Rick and his mum. September 8th 2014 Bed-Stuy New York.